Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Maybe you have an old analogue multi-line system, or an ISDN based switchboard, but one things for sure, with BT turning off the analogue telephone system soon, there has never been a better time to think about upgrading to a new modern digital system.

Our 3CX phone systems offer the benefits of a traditional phone system, with the additional benefits of modern technology. Transfer calls between a desk phone and your mobile seamlessly, take calls direct on your computer or your phone – it’s up to you!

In addition to the 3CX system, we also offer and support Microsoft Teams Voice systems. This can be a more cost effective way for businesses that don’t require the full functionality of an enterprise PBX system.

Whichever route you go, you can’t go far wrong – you are future proof, and lockdown proof!

Fanvil X6U

A personal favourite, the Fanvil X6U puts an array of easy to use buttons at your fingertips.

These can be programmed for quick-dial, as well as busy/free indicators for other phones connected.

Fanvil X5U

The slightly smaller version of the X6U is ideal for desks that don’t have as much room.

They make an ideal telephone for team members that don’t require all the extra functionality that the X6U brings.

Fanvil X5U Red

If you have any phones that need to stand out, the X5U also comes in the colour red.

They are designed to be used in special application scenarios where they need to be found easily in an emergency, such as fire stations, hospitals, doctors, etc.

We use them for our support lines.

Door Intercoms

If you need door access systems, the Fanvil range has you covered.

The built in wide-angle camera with infra-red night vision can be pre-configured to call a group of phones that will show the live video feed and allow communication with the person at the door.

The magnetic lock on the door can be release by tapping the correct code into the phones keypad.

If you use access cards, they can also be programmed to unlock the door via RFID/NFC cards.

Microsoft Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic solution if you don’t require the extra functionality that the 3CX system brings.

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